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Hi and welcome to my blog, my name is Ruth. I have several different hobbies and interests that keep me occupied for a majority of my time. I spend most of my days traveling now and I live life one day at a time. I’m enjoying myself and tend not to look into the future that much, but when I do, I only think about a few specific things.

While it is great what I’m doing now, I have high hopes for future aspirations. There are many more places I would like to travel. Once I do so, I plan on deciding on which place I would like to make my home at. If I have the opportunity to do that, then my plans would be to get a degree in some sort of foreign language. With all of my travels I have come to fall in love with a number of different languages and cultures. I have been blessed to be able to be exposed to several of them for long periods of time where I know enough to study it.

I would eventually like to teach language at a university. Where this university is, I have no idea. But I know that I will choose the right place at just the right time